Matthew Fox

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For sometime now I’ve been thinking that the word sustainability is today’s word for justice. That what is just is enduring, what is just holds, what is just lasts, and what is unjust does not hold. Its temporary, is not sustainable.

And I think the word sustainable is a very good word, one that moves us beyond just a few notions of anthropocentric justice, into eco- justice into the question of whether our species is sustainable in light of other species, such as forests and soil, and four-legged ones and carrying the waters that are being depleted all around us.

I looked up the word sustain in Webster’s dictionary, and it says, “to hold up, to nourish, to prolong, to support the weight of, to bhoy up, to suffer, to undergo, to support that is true legal or just” interesting that justice itself comes up for omne of the synonyms for sustainability.

And I’m saying that sustainability is today’s word for justice.

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