I’m so excited to share this Sustain Talks I did with Louise Stevens. It’s one of those conversations that left me buzzing as I came off the call and exactly the reason I decided to do this podcast.

Louise joined Innocent Drinks when it was a start-up and stayed for 19 years, during which time the company grew to become multi-national. She was instrumental in successfully and sustainably growing the brand. She now shares her knowledge with other consumer brands, assisting them on their own journeys.

To Louise sustainability is about creating a better future – making things better than they are today.

We will not be able to effect positive change unless we all work together toward the same goal.

It is obvious that every business must develop a carbon reduction strategy from now to 2030, breaking it down into manageable chunks. Begin by asking, “If it feels like the right thing to do, how do we do it?”

Sustainability can be the golden ticket to saving your company money.

Anyone can begin their own companies journey; consider what you want to be proud of.

Vision – Plan – Crack-on

But, in the end, reducing is by far the best option.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did speaking to Louise.

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