Time to be whole-hearted and open-hearted: Uniting a UN career with soulful passion for nature and creativity

In the spirit of integration and liberation, ASP Director, Elizabeth Harrop, is publically uniting two deeply rooted aspects of herself: One is Elizabeth’s (already public) decades of technical expertise working within the development / humanitarian / UN system and the other is her (peeking from under the duvet but now throwing off the covers) absolute passion for creativity (song, poetry and art), ecopsychology, animals and the natural world. Elizabeth says:

Allowing these two aspects of myself to meet in the public space, will help me to bring my full heart and soul into the world and all I do.”

Elizabeth has developed a new webpage to support bringing these two worlds together, which you can find here:


If you feel the call to do (or have done) the same, or if this piques your interest or inspires you, please get in touch: linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-harrrop

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is planning co-host an event with Theresa Sansome on inviting our whole-hearted selves into our work… more on that soon.

Featured image: Jeremy Hynes @hyneseyes

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