James Barlow will create and hold the space for this Council.

As the theme for this Council we have selected “Remembering Sustainability”.

If we mean by a sustainable world one that is ‘fairer’, ‘equitable’ and more ‘balanced’ for all humans, and more in-tune with the ‘more-than-human’, and living within the resources available to us as a species, perhaps we need to go deeper, deeper in. We have had the understanding and capabilities to work within the finiteness of Earth since we’ve existed as a species (and certainly for the last 200 years since Humboldt and Tyndall’s work). And, still, collectively, we don’t manage this today.

Perhaps we need to wean ourselves off, one by one, our material dependencies, identifying as consumers, in the addiction and distraction economy, being wilfully blind. Conditions that don’t need technical, physical remediation but psychological and spiritual healing, processing and practice starting within each one of us… our own rehabilitation?

“Climate change is an issue in which greed, fragility, justice, and interconnectedness come together.” Justin Welby”

James Barlow


Many people are growing increasingly uneasy with how the term “sustainability” has been hijacked by many business leaders and politicians to essentially mean business-as-usual with a few superficial tweeks and a veneer of measuring and reporting to give an appearance of “doing the right thing”.

Don’t we need to radically alter our dysfunctional relationship with nature so that we have a sound and valid foundation to build upon? To work in harmony and balance with nature? 

Somehow we have to learn what practices are actually going to lead us away from the current destructive status quo to truly sustainable outcomes – and quickly. And learn how to communicate this effectively.  


What does sustainability mean today?

In the Spring of 2022 Elizabeth Harrop will be leading a group of ASP Members to explore this topic and formulate a way forward for this inquiry.

This Council will be the first chance to gather input from the ASP Membership at large.



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