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Shane Herath

I am on a mission to accelerate the delivery of a sustainable, low carbon regenerative economy by helping businesses and organisations reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in their websites, digital infrastructure and in their approach to the design and development of technology solutions.

I have a vision to transform the lives of people through sustainable innovation, resulting in a positive meaningful impact on both people and the environment. He focuses on the intersection of sustainability and technology, and collaborates with stakeholders across the spectrum from business, industry, advocacy groups and academics.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan, Historian

For 20 years, I have worked with many top tier organisations in the UK, USA and Asia, and have been involved in a number of tech startups. A Computer Science and Law graduate with postgraduate qualifications in project management, a member of the British Computer Society, a Tech London Advocate, above all a passionate advocate for sustainable innovation.

Having witnessed large excesses and unsustainable practices in information communication technology, in December 2018, I founded London Inc, a sustainable innovation tech ecosystem — supported by a sustainable innovation manifesto — advocating sustainable software engineering practices to working towards a cleaner greener internet, and enabling sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship.

With internet’s growing and enormous carbon emissions and high energy consumption, as part of my mission I have developed a tool for measuring a website’s carbon footprint.

I share my knowledge on carbon reduction in websites and sustainable software engineering practices. Eco Web Studios, another initiative within my mission, is about the development of low carbon websites for impact driven, sustainable businesses whilst demonstrating that carbon neutrality in websites and digital platforms is achievable.

With the support of various advocacy groups, sustainability-driven organisations and academics, I have formed an Alliance to lead the way to a more sustainable digital economy, restoring the balance between ecology and technology.

The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance, a multi-organisational international alliance, has developed the world’s first eco standard for websites and digital infrastructure.

Guided by a scientific advisory committee, the Alliance recognises the efforts in improving carbon & energy efficiency in websites and digital infrastructure and the use of clean energy to help organisations be part of the solution.

I play an active role in groups such as London & Global Tech Advocates, Clean Growth UK, Sustainable Network among others, supporting responsible entrepreneurship and speaking about the importance of a low carbon digital economy enabled by sustainable innovation. 

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