Lack of confidence on self


This is quite a common phenomenon, and everyone has to go through this. These days could be short or long depending on how bad a trigger was. Make a simple mistake and you feel like you are a failure, and you can’t do anything right.

Mistakes happen to everyone but when you start to doubt yourself that’s when the real problem starts. On other days you would just brush it off and try again but when you start doubting yourself you believe that you can never overcome it again.

Self-doubting yourself will never help you and it will only make you suffer. You have to decide on something and start doing something about it. During such times it is best to do something simple like meditate, walk or yoga. I have noticed that physical movement has helped me in such times.

We stop thinking as much and just go with the flow. We feel much better after that, and this helps us focus on something we can do and not what we can’t. It changes our perspective to the present and focus on it.

Another thing that helps is to keep a list of all past accomplishments you have made. I have made a list of all my past accomplishments and always look at it and remember all the challenges I had overcome and succeeded. This helps to improve me improve my confidence and reassure myself that I can do it.

You should also talk to a close friend or family member as well if you can. I also think about what I would tell my friend if they were in a similar situation would I just let them suffer and what words would I say to them. Then I would repeat those same words to myself.

I have noticed that the steps mentioned have helped me get better and also helped me develop my self-confidence as a result. If you are afraid of the goal then just focus on the next step and do it as the best you can. Don’t think about the final goal just think what you can do now and do it.

Things can get tough in life but you need to pick yourself up. You can’t just stay down forever eventually you will have to get back up. When you do think about what you can do and do it the best way you can.

That’s it from me today.

Have a lovely weekend!

And see you in the next one…

Arjun Sunil

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

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