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Sarah Santacroce

Over a decade of running a LinkedIn Consulting business inspired a yearning in me to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to business & marketing.

As a ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’, I have written two books ( Marketing Like We’re Human and Selling Like We’re Human), host the Humane Marketing podcast and work with heart-centered entrepreneurs and organizations to question their assumptions when it comes to marketing & give them permission to market their business their way, the humane way!

I share a fresh perspective and don’t shy away from calling things out that no longer work for many of us when it comes to the current marketing model. 

I have only recently come full circle to the core values I grew up with in my hippie upbringing. I’m now searching for my people, people who care for each other – and our planet!

I live and work in Switzerland, where I was born and raised.

Read my  ‘Marketing Like We’re Human‘ book.

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