“It is of paramount importance that this struggle comes from
the younger generation…”

I have a strong passion for the multilayer impacts of climate change and how these act on different social groups across the globe. Our fight against the climate crisis and for a fairer future must be entrenched with the ideas set out in intersectionality. The west must not become blinded by their own struggles, a multilateral fight is needed to mitigate this common emergency that we are all facing. It is of paramount importance that this struggle comes from the younger generation, highlighting the importance of me joining this organisation.

I am currently studying history, politics and sociology at A level with huge aspirations to study law and politics at university. I would preferably develop my education further by gaining a masters in the area of human rights.

My research for a report into irresponsible advertising and excessive consumption and their connections with the climate crisis and human rights, published for the non-governmental organization Adfree Cities and written by fellow ASP member, Elizabeth Harrop, allowed me to develop my views and involvement in this field.

Presenting my findings on the climate-conflict nexus at a webinar also allowed me to develop my understanding of the severity of what we are facing as a global community, something I believe is not understood enough. Education and involvement will be key in our fight. My opportunities have also extended to attending a UN meeting with an African country with government ministers present, allowing me to meet new people and to understand in greater depth the issues of human rights around the globe.

My experience also extends into mainstream politics. This experience consists of working with a local Liberal Democrat MP, Wera Hobhouse, and the West of England mayor, Dan Norris, which has allowed me to gain an understanding of how the state we are trying so hard to protect works. This is incredibly valuable in this field.

It is so important for these intergenerational opportunities to occur, without them it is increasingly difficult to build a better world for the future of ours and other species.

If you have any inquiries or further opportunities please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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