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RPM: UK Systems Society International Conference 15th September 2023

Systems: transition to a sustainable world, event at the University of Portsmouth

The need for a transition to a more sustainable world is widely accepted but it cannot be assumed that understanding what sustainability is, is a given. Isolated efforts to tackle what are perceived to be key issues do not always yield anticipated outcomes; they may even be counter-productive.

We should recognise that what we have is a network of interconnected problems, described by Ackoff as systems of problems, or ‘messes’. To make sense of these messes we need to adopt a holistic perspective. Systems thinking provides the intellectual framework for this and systems practice the lessons which enrich the theory.

The conference is designed to promote and capitalise upon such thinking and will provide examples of how these ideas might contribute to sustainability. 

The event is free to attend, or you can join UKSS for £25. 

To find out more, and book: UK Systems Society International Conference 2023 – Portsmouth Tickets, Fri 15 Sep 2023 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

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