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We are excited to be partnering with The Schumacher Institute to develop the Responsible PM Studio

Responsible Project Management is a growing international network of project management professionals, educators and researchers, and a partner of ASP.  The founders of RPM have recently been working on incorporating a sustainability mindset into project management education.  To progress this initiative, RPM is partnering with The Schumacher Institute.

Sustainability mindset is a construct developed from research by the UN’s PRME Sustainability Mindset Working Group that is utilized by leaders “when taking action for the greater good of both society and planet” (Rimanoczy, 2017).  According to Rimanoczy (2017),

“the mindset results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem’s manifestations, and from an introspective focus on one’s personal values and the higher self.” 

Components of the sustainability mindset have been combined with project management constructs and principles to create a framework for identifying the competencies required to manage projects responsibly (Thompson, 2022). 

This work highlights the way that sustainability challenges traditional, knowledge-based education and skills training.  Project management education needs to facilitate learning in new ways that connect beliefs, values, and knowledge with action.  A new principles-driven, holistic approach to education is required. 

We are excited to be partnering with The Schumacher Institute to develop the Responsible PM Studio where participants will collaborate on developing approaches for ensuring projects deliver a more sustainable future.  Two virtual events are currently planned: ‘Re-wiring Project Management Education’ and ‘Accelerating Sustainability using Responsible Project Management’.  Please visit Responsible PM Studio for further information.


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