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RPM: Ego to Eco: In conversation with Jo Lucas. January 2022


Responsible Project Management invites you to an online conversation


We are delighted to be collaborating with Steve Wake’s Conversation Club again for this event.

Jo Lucas is the Director of Co.Cre8, Activating the mycelium and creator of Ego to Eco

The Directors of Co.Cre8 set up Ego to Eco as a not-for-profit organisation as part of their commitment to sharing knowledge across boundaries. Ego to Eco is a grassroots movement to shift hearts and minds from being owners of the system to becoming a regenerative presence in the system.

“Now is the time to overcome our inevitable inertia to change by embracing new possibilities and envisioning together different ways of working that will shift us from our current ego-based system to a more resilient, flourishing eco-based system set up to allow us to ride the waves of change.”

Deep within our project networks there are hidden voices who hold a remarkable amount of knowledge and influence. Ego to Eco is seeking to connect with and listen to these voices creating purposeful communities of interest that cross corporate boundaries; it is fundamentally a grassroots experiment combining conversation, connection, and data visualisation through art to envision a future we want to move toward.

Ego to Eco are collaborating with the artist, Wolfgang Buttress, best known for the Hive at Kew Gardens. Wolfgang has taken inspiration from Kate Raworth’s musing on how an apple falling from a tree set in motion our current approach of assuming limitless resources, and what would have been different if Newton had sat for a while longer and considered how the apple came to be there in the first place. He is envisaging an ever-evolving digital forest responding to and expressing a growing body of conversations and connections.



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