Rob Barnard-Weston has lived in Bath for forty years, thirty of them working in social and environmental responsibility.

He co-founded Bath’s first eco-hotel; an eco-artisan bakery company; a commercial scale composting company; the UK’s farmers’ markets movement (starting with Bath’s farmers’ market); a farming apprenticeship scheme for vulnerable school-leavers in one of the region’s most economically disadvantaged rural communities; a local environmental charity; a local exchange and trading system; an award-winning community-supported agriculture scheme and an international social responsibility consulting company. He is also a founder investor in the innovative regional banking initiative Avon Mutual.

With degrees in Philosophy (Southampton) and Responsibility and Business Practice (Bath), he’s published three books on ethical enterprise and taught the subject at both of Bath’s universities.

Rob and his wife Karen have five grown up children and now host Corporate Social Intrapreneurship workshops at Bloomfield House to explore innovative solutions to today’s wicked problems at local, national and global levels.

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