Inspired by Humber Eco Fest, Alan Raw, ASP conversations with Gwyn Jones and Helena Kettleborough, conversations with many more, Hull Remembrance Service at the Centopath, Climate change, the Humber and much more…

Photo by 43 Clicks North

In the darkness there is a light burning, burning bright for
tomorrows future.

Living now for tomorrows world, following the path of life that was
gifted, tending the fires of the ancestors, what is now must be
cherished, brought to life and passed forward; what we do today
feeds tomorrow, the next and the next.

Following the ebb and flow of the tides, sometimes flying, sometimes
sinking and then holding tight to what is dear; pushing back the tides
of despair, standing tall in the face of adversity, holding on in the
storms that weather and batter, know that this is just one side of
reality, and our purpose is far greater. Holding on for a better

Neurones firing, light igniting, connections flourishing; this way and
that; earthbound and freed to the stars and beyond.
Pathways appearing in the darkness, lighting up more and more, like
beacons on the hillsides or light houses on the desolate coasts,
shining to create safety, shining for a future
Paths are illuminated that guide the weary traveller, others form so
others grow.

Like a mycelium, a magic carpet spreads and ignites, connecting and
As the pulse of life grows and deepens, the mycelium spreads and
grows deeper in the darkness, unseen by many, known by some and
seen by more…

There is a wisdom, growing, turning and toiling, spreading and
growing, pulsing and shining.
It grows and starts a being, a movement that is growing, that is
Listen to the whispers, calling, calling to stay connected.
Calling to go deeper.

For today’s actions will become yesterday’s footprints.
Put down a steady foot, make that footprint be a good one, make
that footprint change tomorrow.

Grow strong, rise up and shine for the future.
Rise up stand tall for their tomorrow and their after.
Connect and seek council, feel the beet of the earth calling.
Stand steady in the moment, follow the arrow of conviction
Move to the pulse of a better future, whole, symbiotic and conscious.
Hold hands with the enemy, sit down in reconciliation.

Stare the tiger in the eye for together we will solve this, it may not
be simple or easy, take strength for a new future.

Grow your roots of connection, hold dear our commitment for

For in us is the light from whence we came and will return.
In us is the magic of the cosmos, in us is the starlight and dream
time, in us the great blue planet holds us close.

When we surrender to the seasons, sink back into the sap that has
descended back into the tree roots each winter; back in to the
velvety darkness of the dream world; back in to the silence of our
being; sinking back in to that space of surrender as we breath and
let go, there we settle and find space to imagine.

We begin to open our ears and heart to the drum beat, that is calling
us home, back to ourselves, back to the sacred, calling us to dream a
new future, envisage a new dawn.

As we take time to nourish and find the stillness, we stir the fires
of future action, summon the sages of wisdom, ignite the fires of
compassion so that we may shine bright and courageous.

As we draw closer together, hearing our heart beat, growing
stronger, we are called to share the beat of our love, and our calling.
Feed the fires that are burning, tend them, nurture them and
protect what is precious, hold onto it lest we forget, for the wind
can change direction and in the fog of confusion we may forget…

Hold onto that light of being, hold onto that light of what is sacred,
hold onto the thread of remembering for in the darkness we may
need hope, in the darkness we may need nurturing or healing.
Reach out for what is needed, reach out for a brighter future, feed
the fires of the phoenix, rise again for another dawning, rise again
for their tomorrow.

Zoe Peryer 12th November 2023

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