Ranjan is a coach in how to achieve chronic wellness. He has conducted workshops in Australia, Europe, India, Lanka, Pakistan and the US. His articles have been published in Advances in Body/Mind Medicine (USA) and Noetic Now (USA).

Ranjan is a healer. The effectiveness of his healing work (infusing energy into biological matter) has been researched at Harvard University. When a member of the British Royal Family turned to him for help, he was at Buckingham Palace regularly until he moved to the United States.

Ranjan is an academic. He has taught at the School for Independent Study at what is now the University of East London, when he was resident in the UK, and in the US he taught at the School for New Learning, DePaul University, Chicago and tutored a Master’s degree in Music Healing at Lesley University, Cambridge, Mass.

What does he write about?

Realising Reality? is a quintet brim-full of analyses as cheeky as they are challenging, as irreverent as they are iconoclastic, mercilessly stripping bare our delusions and denials about facts. Yet in the end, what shines through is love; love for all humankind, not just the 1%.

The quintet maps a 500-year cycle of transformation of our reality constructs, which “completely blows out of the water everything I know to be true,” in the words of a British doctor. The originality of Realising Reality? lies in it collating our fragmented science databases to relate the hitherto unrelatable, melding mind and body, East and West, ‘spiritual growth’ and ‘bio-coherence’ and ultimately, science and spirituality. Authentic spiritual teaching reveals itself as the user-manual for the technology of the human, being and body.

The modern revolution in our database began with Nobel Laureates in physics transforming reality, showing Newton depicts not the universe, but just that frequency-range that human senses can match. Turns out that what we thought was the universe is little more than one channel of it. Just like BBC One is but one channel of a myriad TV channels in the world. Those lacking the neuroplasticity to comprehend this new reality call these other “TV channels” parallel universes (new wine in old bottles). Read this quintet to escape your ‘flat Earth’ reality

Education is now predicated on the heart being a brain and what’s more the boss of the brains in the skull. This brings into sharp focus the fact that play is Nature’s preferred method of education. Sir Ken Robinson accuses conventional education of “strip-mining the minds of our children for a particular commodity”, showing it is child-abusive.

Health is now predicated on a concept of the human that is as different from the bio-medical concept as a plane is from a car. As a result, bio-medical practitioners, in thrall to the pharmaceutical industry, are killing more people than heart disease or cancer and twice as many people as Covid-19. What an accolade! The evidence is clear that healthcare must be based on the:

1. biophysics that the body is run by an internet of light,

2. neuroscience that mirror neurones allow loved one to have a regulatory impact on our metabolism,

3. biology that a human body is 43% human and a whopping 57% bacteria: an eco-system,

4. physiology that the body cannot be used without damaging it and 5. chronobiology that body has a time-structure, with high and low ‘tides’ of strength.

Politics has transformation looming over its head as the empirical trashes our current political models. The evidence confirms that national governments have been turned into the lackeys of the big corporations, making nationalism as obsolete as tribalism. And democracy is revealed to need a slave population to survive.

When power burst its national boundaries, so did the hierarchy of class: enter the labour gulag commonly called the ‘Third World’, in fact the Working Class of the modern economic unit, enabling the ‘First World’ to wallowing in privilege, entitlement and comparative luxury. The Times of London figure that a ‘First World’ passport-holder has to be paid US$135 for doing the work for which a ‘Third World’ passport-holder needs only be paid US$12! Passport morphs in to classport. How diabolically clever of the West to create a labour gulag (Third World) to screen from our gaze that democracy as the guardian angel of freedom is a superstition.

My challenge to devotees of democracy as the guardian of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is to democratise the post-national Working Class of the global economic unit (no ‘Third World’ products and ‘immigrant’ labour), democratise ‘First World’ corporations and democratise the ‘First World’ Armed Forces!

Sexuality is transformed by neuroscience revealing the purpose of sex is ‘neural stability’, with reproduction an occasional ‘side-effect’. Biology cannot support binary gender: the product of ignorant clerics reading “Male and female created He them’ (black horses with white stripes and white horses with black stripes: zebras) as ‘males and females created He them’ (black horses and white horses). Empirical research validates plural gender. Hunger for ‘male supremacy’ (women as a sub-class) bites the dust with the discovery that the ‘male clitoris’ (prostate) make men physiologically “bottoms”, too!  

The New Story of Location

My take on the new story of location that makes obsolete conventional reality-constructs.  I call it Ripples through the Mind.

Parallel Universes or Multi-channel singular reality? – Part 01 – YouTube

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