Play Ethic: A Creative Way for Our Time

3 Day Workshop

13th – 15th January 2021

Free Taster Session

24th October 9:30am -1 pm


At a time when individually, collectively and globally we are being called upon to evolve creatively, at a time when our souls, society and organisations need to be examined and healed, reconnecting with our inner child has never been more important. This workshop puts you in touch with your creative sources, helping you to explore your creative response to everyday challenges as well as encouraging you in the creative projects you love and to be an agent of change in your own endeavours.

Do you long to bring more creativity into your life?

We are creative beings!

The wellspring of creativity which runs in all of us offers innovation, healing, beauty, and pleasure.

These workshops are offered in three formats: the free taster session; the three-day intensive and the bespoke team building exercise customised to fit to your team and time available.

“I was impressed and inspired.”

Sarah, Wales

About the free taster session

This is a three and a half hour, interactive, online seminar which takes participants on a short, yet deep, journey into their creativity.

We use techniques of creative and artistic play and broadened awareness to help participants access their own creative wellspring. We take care to cater for all learning styles within our choice of exercises.

Whether you consider yourself entirely non-creative or are already a skilled, practicing artist, this taster session will support you to approach your projects and life challenges more creatively.

We expect between 6 and 12 participants on each session and  can cater for up to 20. You will simply need a pen and paper and a little space to carry out exercises to take part.

In the beginning, I thought 3 hours is going to be looooong! But then because the session was very engaging. It passed very quickly, so I was wrong!”

Amin, London


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