My degrees are in physics. My career has been in nuclear power, materials science and electronics.

Over the years I have created several successful businesses and been in senior roles in large high-tech companies. This year I created Zhar Research Ltd which writes business-to-business reports and offers other services on environmental topics.

So far, there are only five of us but we have produced four reports on 6G Communications which will be in your phone around 2030. Hopefully, 6G will empower emerging regions and help reverse the move to cities by assisting remote working, healthcare, education and much more.

Pumped Hydro

Another report looks at so-called long-duration energy storage (LDES), vital as the world races into wind and solar power, even seasonal storage becoming important as a consequence.

We find that LDES will mostly need technologies beyond batteries, indeed much cleaner technologies than batteries such as compressed air, lifting weights and pumped hydro reinvented to be more environmental. This led us to start a report on battery-free electronics and electrical engineering.

We are also preparing reports on artificial intelligence for renewable energy and on renewable energy in aerospace. Given global warming, another report being researched concerns materials that cool such as hydrogels and certain metamaterials and paints.

If you have a science or engineering degree we can teach you, free- of-charge, how to market research and write such reports and we can market what you prepare if it meets our standards.

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