Wisdom council

“Real knowledge begins by treasuring the wisdom of the past to create meaning and understanding today.

…wisdom is a loving concern for the continuity of the world”

Ref: Mike Zeidler, UK Coworking Assembly

“The purpose of the Wisdom Council is to access the wisdom and insights within the association’s members to inform decisions and developments on future actions, direction and purpose of ASP.

The Wisdom Council offers every member a way to contribute, and an opportunity for their voice to be heard, on any topic that concerns them”

The Wisdom Council is by design inter-generational and enables the different perspectives, wisdom, insights and concerns of all present to be heard.

Who sits in Council?

Permanent Seats

All current and recent Directors and our operation team members are invited as permanent council members to represent their practice/role.

In this way everything discussed at council will be heard by the operational team and Directors and can thus influence the decisions they take in their roles.

Guest participants

All other places on the council will be open for any Member to take as “guests” to actively participate as equals.  All guests will be invited to nominate a perspective that they will speak from although this will not be mandatory.

Sitting in council

Participants listen to all the contributions and are invited in turn to speak from both their heart and a particular perspective.  In this way the wealth of wisdom can be harnessed to influence and inform all our decisions, actions and future direction.

The topics can range from any directly affecting ASP, to global and personal concerns.

We aim to:

  • use the concept of the “Children’s Fire by Mac MaCartney” to ensure that no decisions or actions arising from the council will be taken if it is likely that such action would harm the children’s futures up to seven generations out. By children we mean all unborn lifeforms

  • work with consensus and may use silence and draw on the wisdom of other groups/faith communities which use these approaches

  • together consider, agree and establish, in time, our values, our future direction and actions

  • develop an intergenerational learning culture, calling upon the strengths of participatory inquiry methods, transformative learning and action research

  • freely share our knowledge, skills and experience with each other.

“The work of council is determined by what ails and prevails people at a given time.”


Wisdom Council News

What should we let go?

Outcomes of ASP’s second Wisdom Council Helen Tyrrell facilitated this second Wisdom Council, introducing play, creativity, presencing, poetry and art to help us to continue

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Permanent Wisdom Council Members

Amin Pasandideh

Hello Everyone, It’s Amin from Worksity, What I wish for myself and others always include freedom, joy, peace, and the right people to share them

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Charles Ainger

I ‘retired’ in 2008, after 40 plus years in water engineering worldwide. The University of Bath MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice inspired my work since: writing on Sustainable

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Dave Hampton

I’ve enjoyed ASP since attending the ‘Walk Your Talk’ gathering of 2005. A sustainability strategist, communicator and activist, I originally trained as an engineer at

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David Nicoll

“…working with smaller, purpose-led, businesses who are looking to embed sustainability across their business and make it work for the long term.” David is a

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Eliot Oliver-Bell

it is SO important to spread awareness of the issues we are all facing today concerning our environment Helping the environment and promoting sustainability has

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Elise Ferdinando

“I am extremely passionate about sustainable practices being developed within cities. Encouraging sustainable transport, implementing green space within urban areas, and supporting greener cities overall

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Elizabeth Harrop

Consultant in Policy, Research & Writing: International Human Rights Advocacy, Environmental Protection and Social Change I am based near Bath and work as a consultant to

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Gwyn Jones

Entering the autumn of my life I am realising the need to develop a different relationship with those around me.  I’ve tasted success and failure

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Hannah Morris

“The way in which we inhabit the world evidently needs to change to meet the needs of future generations” I have recently completed my undergraduate

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Helena Kettleborough

Helena is passionate about the contribution of the rbp & community to creating a socially, ecologically and cosmologically just world, where humans and all the

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Juliana Lax

“Beyond leading a small business, making corporate films, and challenging how to communicate sustainability in a more relatable way, I am passionate about intergenerational communication

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Linda Farrow

Linda Works for the Ruskin Mill Trust, a charity helping young people with special needs to reimagine their potential. Linda manages the Field Centre, the hub

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Martin Roach

We’re all driven by values. Understanding and communicating the values that motivate our perspectives, decisions and behaviours is key to achieving our visions and ideas. 

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Mike Zeidler

I was the catalyst for ASP in 2004 when, as a trustee of the New Academy of Business, I was commissioned to explore it’s future.

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Portia Davies

I am currently undertaking an MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Leeds, building upon my BSc in Sustainability and Environmental Management and

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Rob Barnard-Weston

Rob Barnard-Weston has lived in Bath for forty years, thirty of them working in social and environmental responsibility. He co-founded Bath’s first eco-hotel; an eco-artisan bakery

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Vicky Grinnell-Wright

Vicky is a purposeful-business strategy & innovation consultant, culture change mentor and executive coach. She was until recently Head of Corporate Engagement for Blueprint for Better Business

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