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Paul Harper

I’m Paul, based in the North-West of England, and I work at Auditel – a leading cost, procurement and carbon solutions company. I have recently joined ASP with the aim of broadening my understanding and appreciation of sustainability, and learn from those in the community with considerably more experience and insight than I currently have!

I have spent over 25 years helping organisations of all sizes realise business objectives and strategic growth by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, and I have taken the decision to use this experience to make an environmental difference. I am now working to help companies in the UK understand that becoming carbon neutral doesn’t need to cost the earth, but can be done in a measurable, meaningful, and self-funding way.

I work with clients to firstly understand then define their journey to becoming carbon net zero; and with Auditel’s cost management and procurement expertise, potentially help to self-fund the net zero journey, or even make it more profitable through cost removal and cost transformation.

I am looking forward to meeting fellow members of the ASP and learning more about the community and how I can help contribute.

Please feel free to contact me and say hi!

0151 332 3645

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