Paul has been working in the sustainability sector for 15 years. He has worked with organisations creating publishing and content marketing as well as events for both the  public and the private. The organizations that he has worked with vary from the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore, GEM-TV, Economic Development Board of Singapore to many cleantech businesses. 

People are not engaging with sustainability with anything like the much needed action – Why? 

* Developed societies do not think it is their responsibility – this leads to finger pointing at governments or big business

* An eco lifestyle is not aspired to – people perceive that it means that you cannot eat meat, travel or shop and is in effect is for the over earnest do gooders.

* A sustainable lifestyle – 98% of the population do not know what this is

Paul has joined ASP and is eager to broaden potential collaborations with Carbon Clarity – an ESG consultancy set up to democratize the decarbonization of business into simple steps without jargon.

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