I’m the author of Building Tomorrow: Averting Environmental Crisis With a New Economic System, which has been recommended by the Financial Times as one of the best economics books of the year so far. It is used for university teaching by Prof Julia Steinberger, and described by the author Jeremy Lent as ‘a book that truly helps us identify and travel the pathways of deep transformation toward an ecological civilisation‘.

I am currently planning a series of essays on various aspects of positive societal transformation, to be published over the rest of the year.

Since 2015, I have been focused on understanding how we can redesign society to avert the looming environmental catastrophe and improve our quality of life. Before then, I lived a somewhat different life. First I earned a degree in mathematics at Cambridge University and qualified as an accountant at KPMG in London. Then I worked as a finance specialist in London for six months at a time, but I used my money to live in remote places, with people whose lives were drastically different from my own.

I have travelled with economic migrants, been taught to fish by rural Mozambicans, and lived with Hadza hunter-gatherers. I spent two months living with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest, then won a Royal Geographical Society Award to spend an entire year being taught by traditional wisdom-keepers from another jungle culture.

After this, in 2015, I paused my travels to concentrate on how we can improve our own society. I was based in the UK for most of this, but recently I have moved to a cooperative on the beautiful coast of British Columbia.

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