We are delighted to announce that Arjun Sunil has joined us to add some new ideas and talent to our social media activities.

Arjun’s primary role at the moment is supporting Alan Raw’s Humber Eco Fest Martketing activities, particularly the live events but also being a contact point for ASP’s online event team.

The ASP Team

Hello there, I am Arjun

I am an MSc Management graduate from Lancaster University. Prior to this I studied mechanical engineering from India.  

After my University, I was trying to find something that I enjoyed doing and spend my time with as a career. This made me realise my passion for being creative and self improvement which led me to start writing. As I grew inclined to it I started my own blog as a result.  

During my management degree I worked with businesses to help them market themselves better and utilise strategies for their growth. I enjoyed working with business and helping them grow using my skills. This was quite fulfilling and made me want to help other businesses. 

After realising my passion and skills I decided to go into marketing to promote businesses and help them grow. 

I worked as an engagement fellow during my time at Lancaster University, where I helped businesses become more sustainable. This experience helped me understand the importance of being sustainable and making the earth a better place for the future generations. 

This led me to ASP whose mission is to make a sustainable future. I felt that I could use my knowledge and skills to help ASP spread their message. So I joined ASP as the Marketing and Communications Officer for the Humber Eco Fest. 

I am currently on the path of self discovery and also improving my knowledge and skills in hopes of becoming a successful marketer oneday. 

You can find me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/arjun-sunil-kumar-408b92161/

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