We are pleased to announce that Alan Raw has acepted our invitation to join our Directors team.

Alan has had a long reltionship with ASP and is now actively engaged in a wide range of roles and activities that promote and communicate sustainability initiatives at both community and nationallevels.

Alan Raw

Alan Raw

Director & Wisdom Council

I have been a member of The Association of Sustainability Practitioners for many years, having joined to find support and guidance to develop and train Green Teams and sustainable practices for music festivals. Since then I have broadened my interest, in developing sustainable communities of all kinds. To this end, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from the wonderful projects that ASP members are developing internationally, and I always look forward to our meetings.

I am also an active member of The Permaculture Association, The CEC Network and Friends of The Earth, and I find that being part of the ASP community helps me to be a more useful member in all of these organisations, because ASP is a community of innovators and very creative activists. I am currently developing Humber Eco Fest, and ASP is proving very supportive in this endeavour too.

When I was asked to become an ASP Director, it was an instant yes. I believe I have some useful experience to share, and a lot that I want to learn and do as an ASP participant. As we face the climate and ecological crisis together it may seem overly solarpunk, but I do hold great optimism for the future, as I can see the many positive stories being written in the communities around us. I am keen to see our planet begin to heal very soon with our loving help, and positive action in this global regenerative movement.

At work, I am Associate Director of Sustainability at Koru Consulting, developing the KlimateKonnect information platform and developing regenerative projects.

I volunteer as CEO/Co-founder & Curator at The Creative & Cultural Organisation, home of Hull Climate Engagement Centre and Hull CEC Permaculture Garden. Creative & Cultural is a voluntary run social enterprise founded in 1993.

In my spare time, I am a BBC Producer/Presenter currently presenting BBC Ecotime on BBC Radio Humberside & BBC Introducing.

Previously I worked in community & youth services as a Countryside Leader CLA & DofE Awards Coordinator, and I’m now using those skills for sustainability work.

Former Chair of FEAST (Food Education And Social Transformation), and still a keen grower of organic food for the community.

I trained with David Grove in Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge facilitation, which now helps me with community climate coaching.

As a curator, facilitator and gallerist at PhotoCity London and Hull Independent Photography Festival (HIP Fest), I have grown concerned about the role events and photography industries play in climate change, so this year HIP Fest is focused on exploring that, and all work will reflect the UN SDGs and planetary boundaries.

Personal Details: Vegan, neurodiverse, Zen-loving, permaculture gardener and dad, from a lovely Irish family, obsessed with preserving nature, while playing lots of jigs & reels.”

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