We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new Directors: Elise Ferdinando and Hannah Morris.  Elise and Hannah joined us last year as Members and as part of our Social Media and Communications Team.  In these additional roles they will ensure the voice of young people is heard and helps shape all ASP’s activities.

Elise Ferdinando

“I am extremely passionate about sustainable practices being developed within cities. Encouraging sustainable transport, implementing green space within urban areas, and supporting greener cities overall is a strategic mission for our future.”

After joining ASP in September 2021 as an internee for social media and communications, I am delighted to have been offered the opportunity to become a director of ASP. I am currently studying my MSc in International Planning and Development at Cardiff University with a huge ambition for sustainable living and widespread knowledge of climate change, urban planning, sustainable transport, and planning for cities futures internationally.

My approach as a director of ASP is to bring a younger perspective to the community; proudly a voice for Gen Z, I feel privileged to be able to support, share and challenge our society with our mission for a sustainable and happy future.

I am particularly enthusiastic about sustainable transformations being prioritised for what we can do now in the present. My attitude is that I do not dwell on the past and I think this is particularly important for the journey of creating our world a better place. Being a few steps ahead is beneficial to adapt with and I believe striving in the present and planning for the future is significant for positive change.

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Hannah Morris

“ASP, to me, connotes a group of people with the same interest who strive to make the world a better place. ASP provides a space for sharing, supporting, challenging, and connecting threads of knowledge and experiences that help make a difference to society.

I particularly like ASP’s inter-generational focus and I am proud to be a voice for Gen Z, whilst also listening and learning from the fantastic and inspiring experienced members.

When I was invited me to become a Director of ASP, I was completely and utterly honoured. I would like to give back to the world with the knowledge and skills I have gained so far and continue to learn and develop from the experiences and knowledge of others in ASP, to help make a difference.I would like to use this role as a space to become a voice for Gen Z in important considerations about ASP and help shape the future in the world my generation and future generations will grow up in.

I hope I can inspire other young people to become change-makers of our time and help transform this downward ecological crisis.”

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