“As fervent proponents of the environment and the preservation of nature, ethy and ASP have formed an alliance to enable further progress in the interest of sustainability. We are currently at the beginning of our collaborative journey with ASP, but we intend to work together on various projects that inspire meaningful discourse and drive tangible outcomes towards responsible, ethical purchasing by individuals and households. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters to find out more about what we’re working on.

Thank you! We are excited to be ASP Alliance members.”

Callum, Jack and Kaisa, ethy

ASP is delighted to announce a new alliance with “ethy”

ethy is a new, exciting company that has been adopted by a rapidly growing community of businesses and young people who want to buy ethically sourced and produced items.

ASP believe that by working together and supporting one another, we can make a really positive impact and engage with ethy’s youthful community and ethical businesses.

ethy are passionate about sharing knowledge and insights on ethical purchasing which has integrity throughout its supply chain, while working towards building a more sustainable future.

Over the coming months we will collaborate in a series of workshops and events for the ASP community, ethy’s community and the public at large, on themes such as the impact of consumption on the environment, climate and society. Through coordinated social media campaigns we will expose each organisation to a wide and diverse range of people of all generations who wish to create sustainable futures.

Sustainable shopping made easy

ethy is a free app that helps you shop with accredited ethical businesses and provides insights on your spending to keep you informed on important environmental & social issues.

Amplify the positive impact of your business

ethy provides an independent accreditation to businesses that are making considerable efforts towards ethical, sustainable or socially responsible business practices. ethy also serves as a marketing and sales platform to easily reach and engage with your target audience. Increase your brand awareness, get recognised for your sustainability efforts, and generate web traffic or store footfall.

ethy’s purpose is to make ethical shopping & selling easy to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. 

ethy’s accreditation credentials https://ethy.co.uk/accreditation

Explore the ethy app and website here: https://ethy.co.uk/ 

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Portia Davies is ASP’s point of contact regarding ethy.

[email protected]

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