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I first learnt about action research in 2000 and since then I have explored in many different settings. Every day we hear that humanity is more and more in crisis related to the ecology of the planet and the climate crisis. For me, action research offers us a way to create hopeful futures over the years ahead and to help us work together to create sustainable and socially and ecologically just communities.

First person action research (“I”) allows us to reflect on action (in the past) and to learn to be reflective in action (in the present). Second person action research (“We) allows us to work through our difficulties and challenges to re-imagine and create a better world together.

The characteristics of action research such as extended ways of knowing, paying attention to power, equality and participation in all that we do, help us to act ethically and in keeping with our values.

Action research encourages us to be creative – to draw, bake, write, play music, garden, plan, grow and take action. From my experience over the years, action research can be used by everyone: including individuals, students, communities, workers, faith community members, NGOs and green enterprises and businesses.

Helena Kettleborough
Helen Tyrrell

In response to the enthusiasm from the participants of the recent AR events run in the earth conversation series, we’ve created a new space on this site dedicated to Action Research. This builds on the activities and experiences of the RBP/AMSR courses and susbesquent developments which were part of the original basis of the creation of ASP back in 2005. The aim is to promote and support the practice of Action Research in the pursuit of a sustainable way of living.

We are especially delighted to feature Helen Tyrrell‘s creative interpretation of Action Research “A doorway onto Action Research

This page will be regularly updated with:

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