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Needed: SME case study participants!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

Can you help connect me to potential case study participants?

I’m aware that businesses often like to be able to review case studies when taking consultancy services. As CBS is still a relatively new company with some recent changes to its core service, I’m looking to work with 4 businesses to create case studies around the CBS conscious strategy report.

Here’s the criteria for a case study business:

-small (6-40 employees)



-needs to create a sustainable business foundation in order to grow and thrive

I’d work closely with the key contact, whilst incorporating the view points of every employee, to create a strategy that works for that business. It would put people and the planet at the heart of business operations. We’d agree a plan that considers the company’s priorities and current workload. 

The company would experience the following:

-upgraded strategies and processes will better align to the business’s purpose whilst supporting its values

-redefined expected behaviours increase support to team members and create a unified approach

-improved communication with team members ensures they feel heard and valued so are happy and energised

-wellness activities improve the teams’ mental, emotional and physical health

-customers receive great service naturally wanting to become long-term customers

-all stakeholders are inspired by the company’s commitment to sustainability and are drawn to working with it

In return for being part of the case study, the participating companies will obtain a large discount on the report.

Please connect with me if you know any businesses this would benefit –


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