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Nature Connection as a way to Unlock Learning Potential: Online, free. January 28th 14:00-15:30

I’m offering a free online workshop in the Learning Planet Festival.

I will be giving a workshop on Nature Connection as a way to unlock our Learning Potential. This online taster workshop aims to give you some understanding and experience of how the practice of Nature Connection:

There is a growing understanding that our modern-day disconnection from nature has brought us to our current environmental and social crises. But how do we fix that?

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LearningPlanet International Alliance

Created in 2019 by the Learning Planet Institute and UNESCO, the LearningPlanet Alliance leads a global community of practice dedicated to the transformation of education and the co-construction of a learning society. 

There is a huge range of topics and global perspectives, all looking to transform education into something more holistic and fit for purpose.

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