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As I look back at my life, I am so happy I was told by my Buddhist teachers when I was 12 that the world was VUCA – a volatile, uncertain, complex and an ambiguous place.

The teachings informed me that life is uncertain, impermanent and at most times unsatisfactory and that there is suffering in the material world.  This seems a dire prophesy to teach an impressionable teenager, but as I witnessed examples of this around me, it was palpable.

It also allowed me to be flexible and open – with “strong convictions yet loosely held” as things are always changing. 

Being comfortable in my vulnerability saved me a lot of grief in life as I had some tools to deal with defeat, losing people and things, disappointments and to live through two insurgencies, a war, a tsunami, floods, hurricanes to come away without being too scarred.   

It has also helped me navigate the global pandemic from 2020 without going into a place of fear and judgement by accepting my fallibility and mortality. That liberated me to think critically about what was going on, what was being promoted as solutions and to make my own decisions.

It also helped me to deal with the judgments others made of me for my opinions and questions by having compassion for them – their positions and decisions.

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