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Mike Zeidler

Ex-chairman of ASP

I was the catalyst for ASP in 2004 when, as a trustee of the New Academy of Business, I was commissioned to explore it’s future. I synthesised the feedback from all the stakeholders into the proposal that became ASP, and became the coordinator, forming the company and leading the development of the emerging form. I was a director and chairman from day one until May 2021. Now I occasionally like to sit in King Arthur’s chair instead 🙂

I’m now on the Wisdom Council where I’ll keep advocating for nature’s basic principles as a guide to our thinking,  form and actions. It’s still my hunch that in paying close attention to nature’s ways, we give ourselves the best chance of prospering within nature’s means.   I’m a facilitator and ‘opportunity maker’ who brings people together to achieve greater things, and I’m  available for hire…

If you go to the King Arthur and I’m not on the throne, you’ll be able to track me down via Linkedin here

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