I am now focusing my efforts on inspiring a generation. I am a strategist that focuses on prioritizing business ethics and sustainable growth over profit. I have a passion for sustainability, critical thinking, and innovative solutions. I would love to connect with similar people in the ASP community who are on a similar mission and share the same ethos.

I am a recent graduate from Bournemouth University and do regular talks and guest lectures there. I graduated with a BSc in Strategic business management and MSc in Marketing. With 10 years of experience across several industries namely ethical businesses, sales, design, and marketing.

And now I am CEO and founder of …

Gaia Card UK.

At Gaia we help consumers start their journey to being more sustainable, consuming more ethically, and reducing their overall carbon footprint. 

We are trying to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems with simple, easy, and appealing solutions. I am a big believer in collective change. Gaia invests heavily in regeneration and reforestation projects around the world and here in the UK. 

With the platform we have built we are trying to change a generation, starting with the individual choices we all make every day. Making it a better world for all. Our vision is to make sustainable and healthy living more accessible, appealing, and affordable to the masses while reducing the damaging impact of human consumerism.

Most recently we have sponsored the sustainability challenge at Bournemouth University, funding some of the winners’ ideas and for the promo, we went on a tour around the halls to educate the students about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

I am big on giving back to the planet and the local community. At Gaia specifically, we volunteer at the university, we help keep our community clean with regular forest, beach, and town cleans + help businesses become more sustainable too.

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