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Mathew Castle

A yellow-red, ENFP, vatta-pitta, stand-up comedian and ex-organic farmer…I’m passionate about collaboration, tech-for-good, EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion) and the SDGs.

In my professional life I wear a few hats. My main role is head of partnerships, sustainability and EDI at Maji – a new kid on the holistic financial wellbeing block. With a combination of cutting-edge tech, open banking, tailored financial education, coaching, advice and behavioural psychology, Maji offers a powerful way to improve financial health & wellbeing.

And with the current economic situation, it has never been more needed. The president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists recently stated that the cost-of-living crisis poses a threat of pandemic proportions to the nation’s mental health. Over 100,000 people in England every year attempt to take their own life whilst struggling with debt, and this figure is set to rise as the crisis continues.

‘𝘔𝘢’ ‘𝘫𝘪’ stands for ‘𝘵𝘳𝘶𝘴𝘵’ and ’𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘵’ – values that are the cornerstone of Maji’s business… providing trusted, independent support that respects the needs of every individual. I love working with such a diverse and dedicated team who believe in business as a force for good and are passionate about making the world more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. To that end, we are proud to be members of D&I Leaders, the Sustainable Business Partnership, Techies Go Green, the Environmental Business Network and the Eco-Friendly Web Alliance

We are also honoured to be signatories of the 2025 Fintech Pledge and  Make My Money Matter’s Green Pensions Charter. The Fintech Pledge is a campaign to drive 10 million actions that improve consumers’ financial resilience by 2025. The Green Pension Charter taps into the hidden superpower of our pensions to build a healthy world in which to retire.

A major focus in 2023 is linking D&I with financial wellbeing, and we are currently developing a suite of resources to make sure that D&I stay front and centre in any financial wellbeing strategy.

Maji’s CEO on how to change the world

What is Maji?

Maji is a complete financial wellness platform enabling you to track and improve your financial wellbeing.

A bit about Maji

How businesses save tonnes of money through Maji

How bad is the cost-of-living crisis

I’m also helping to launch a new eco-friendly disinfectant and sanitization player called Voltique. Conventional disinfectants are hazardous to human health and the environment, use large volumes of water, need to be applied in fairly high volumes and only remain effective for c.3 days.

Voltique is organic, food safe, doesn’t require dilution (saving 200 litres of water for every litre), covers 140sq M with 1 litre (conventional versions would take nearly 5 litres to do the same area), and keeps an area medically clean for 14 days with one application.

Voltique being demoed

Lastly, I’m a non-exec director and consultant for BiasProof on a new initiative that will change the way businesses worldwide approach EDI. Their platform is set to launch in Q2 of this year…watch this space

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