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Making Bristol the fairest, most racially equal place in the UK

Kirsten Hambly, Partnership and Engagement Manager
Bristol Future Talent Partnership:

Bristol Future Talent Partnership is a CIC based in Bristol. We are a collaboration of leading local organisations who all share the vision of making Bristol the fairest and most racially equal place to study and work in the UK. 

Young people in Bristol face some of the highest levels of inequality and racial discrimination in the UK, particularly in education and employment. We work with young people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds aged 14 to 21 to remove barriers, raise aspirations and provide talent with opportunity by providing high quality work experience opportunities with our partner organisations. 

The Partnership was born from the realisation that, although the benefits of work experience are well recognised, due to the entrenched inequalities that exist within the City the type of work experience that young people can access are determined largely by existing family connections and professions. This project aims to provide new routes to high quality work experience, enabling the development of inter-generational, professional relationships for the mutual benefit of young people in Bristol and the organisations open to diverse perspectives and new talents. 

Our programme has been designed through collaboration and feedback from students, businesses and educational establishments, ensuring that it is practical and transformational to students from the outset. Our programme meets the educational requirements placed onto students, as well as fostering skills that they will need to succeed in their future careers.”

Rob Barnard-Weston ASP Director and BFTP’s Alliance Manager

“This alliance is formed to create value for ASP Members and Bristol Future Talent Partnership and the young people they support, through Information sharing about career opportunities, co-hosting events and participating in each other’s events that nurture new relationships and learning.”

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