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Let’s get swopping! November 23rd 11:00. #citizenfriday

Let’s get swopping! Let’s network. Let’s chat. Let’s discuss how we can all embrace swopping, sharing and renting and encourage the next generation to do the same!

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Association of Sustainability Practitioners for this event as part of a joint campaign to encourage consumers and small businesses to boycott Black Friday. Instead, let’s make 24th November #CitizenFriday!


Because Black Friday is most often an inauthentic marketing ploy. It’s bad for business, especially small businesses. It’s bad for people. It’s bad for the environment. And if finances are tough, there are far better ways to help your £££s go further.

Swopping, sharing and renting are increasingly popular options for a variety of products. They are solutions that are good for the planet and good for our pockets. But how do we make these options appealing for a younger generation that constantly craves new ‘stuff,’ especially when fast fashion is high on their agenda?

That’s exactly what Charlie Hurlock and Vicky Fuller are doing.

Join us online for our monthly networking and discussion event to see how these two fabulous ladies have made clothes swopping ‘sexy’ for 6 to 16 year olds!

Charlie and Vicky Swoperz on 23rd October and the online kids swopping platform is going from strength to strength. But Swoperz is more than just a clothes swopping platform. Embracing the theory of change, Charlie and Vicky are “passionate about helping kids build positive sustainable consumption habits whilst never asking them to compromise their individuality or settle for boring clothes.”

Charlie and Vicky are parents themselves and wanted to give the kids high levels of autonomy while simultaneously ensuring online safety and thus the platform is ‘run by kids, managed by grown-ups.’

This event is free, but you will be invited to make a charitable donation. That is totally optional. We know times are currently challenging for many individuals
and businesses.

There will be a ‘prize draw’ and one delegate will have the opportunity to nominate a local charity of their choice to benefit from this month’s
charity pot.

The essence of our events is supporting each other and supporting a better way of doing business. And, as always with our events, we hope to raise funds for local charities, in this instance via the donation option.


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