Leading Through Storms invites you to explore, in community with others, what it means to lead consciously during these troubled times.

We facilitate workshops and programmes to support you, from wherever you stand, to connect with your agency and discover your best adaptive responses to the dilemmas you face, in your workplace, communities, and at home.

If you feel called to contribute to the vital re-patterning of life, to respond using whatever restless energies you are sitting with, please join us.

Our next on-line Community of Practice runs from Nov 9th 2021 to March 1st 2022.

See brochure for further details or sign-up.

Here’s an independently published article about the programme including participant perspectives on their experience.

And, if it helps you to know, ASP Director Elizabeth Harrop participated in the Spring 2021 Community of Practice, finding it very valuable.

  • Main workshops, 3-6pm UK: Tues 9th Nov, Tues 7th Dec, Tues 18th Jan, Tues 1st Mar
  • ‘Betwixt’ sessions (optional), 2-3pm UK: Tues 23rd Nov, Wed 5th Jan, Tues 8th Feb

Since we don’t want funding to be a barrier to participation, we have three price points: £600, £400 and £200 (not subject to VAT).

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