For the things you love… Climate Cymru is gathering voices from all over Wales and making sure they are heard by the people in power. It is the leading Wales-based campaign focused on COP26, with 170 partner organisations from all sectors of society. Tell our leaders to protect what you love from the climate and nature emergencies.

About Climate Cymru

The Association of Sustainability Practitioners is pleased to announce that we are now a partner of Climate Cymru. Climate Cymru is centered around campaigning for strong and meaningful policies to create a sustainable Wales. Being the leading Wales-based campaign focused on COP26, Climate Cymru is sending a pivotal message to leaders and getting voices heard. Climate Cymru is a community platform for people to have their voices heard ‘to protect the things we love, and to make a better future for us all’. After COP26, Climate Cymru has an agenda to make sure the commitments made are upheld. We are proud partners of Climate Cymru and will be attending their monthly partner meetings.

Life after COP26?

Climate Cymru recognizes that the work towards transitioning to Net Zero really happens after COP26. Therefore, they have asserted that they will ‘call upon powerful network of organizations and individuals to help us make change happen in Wales’. ASP can assist efforts to turn voices into actions.

10,000 voices…

Climate Cymru recognizes that the work towards transitioning to Net Zero really happens after COP26.

We want to make sure our leaders arrive at the summit with the voices of Wales ringing in their ears. We want 10,000 people to tell them just how much they care. When you add your name to Climate Cymru, you are agreeing to a simple statement:

“I believe the climate and nature emergencies require urgent attention. These actions should be guided by the best available evidence and the voices of people across Wales.”

After adding your name, you will have the option to tell us exactly what you care about, and these responses will shape the advocacy of the campaign. Climate Cymru aims to give voice to those who aren’t normally heard, and we are working with our partners to reach out to as many people as possible across the country.

What role can members of ASP play?

After each partner meeting there will be an article published on ASP’s website which will include information about the meeting. We would like to seek members input and voices about what questions and topics Climate Cymru raise and what topics and issues members think we should raise with Climate Cymru. We invite members into this partnership to collaborate and contribute to discussions with Climate Cymru, helping improve discussions and outcomes.

Vicky Grinnell-Wright

Hannah Morris

Vicky Grinnell-Wright and Hannah Morris will be points of contact to report between Climate Cymru and ASP. Please contact us for any further information.

[email protected]


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