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Lalith Gunaratne

Lalith’s idyllic childhood in the hill capital of Kandy, Sri Lanka came to an end when he was 12, when a Che Guvera inspired youth insurrection began on April 4th, 1971.
Sixteen years later another insurgency was mounted by the next generation of disenfranchised youth as Lalith embarked on a pioneering solar energy venture in 1987.  Both were put down at a huge cost to life where thousands of youth were killed.

This was followed by the 30 year ethnic war starting in 1989 between the Tamil seperatist and Sinhala dominated Sri Lankan government forces where 100,000 people perished. To add to the violence and suicide bombers – in 2004 Sri Lanka lost 40,000 people in the Tsunami. 

Many suffer from PTSD from this history.  For Lalith, staying sane and grounded as best as possible through this tragedy was only possible through a concerted mindfulness practice, exercise, meaningful work and a great community of family and friends.

Lalith is a nuclear engineering technologist by training in Canada, was a pioneering entrepreneur to co-establish a solar power business to serve off-grid rural people with electricity in Sri Lanka amidst all the civil unrest.  

He is an educator at heart and set up Sage Training in Sri Lanka in 2001 for organizational team centered leadership where he introduced mindfulness for emotional intelligence.

The Masters of Responsibility and Business Practice at University of Bath in 2006 was a significant life changer.

He moved back to Canada in 2011 with his family and  continues his entrepreneurship pursuits as a global connector and his labour of love is as a mindful leadership trainer and coach.

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