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Koru Consulting Ltd and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners’ alliance

Koru Consulting Ltd. (Koru) the climate and sustainability engagement specialists and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) have today announced a new business alliance. This alliance’s objectives are to enhance the value of Koru’s Klimate Konnect sustainability information service to its users and for ASP to create more value for its membership and to enrich the diversity of its community. 

Chris Howells, Koru’s managing director said of the partnership: “the climate and biodiversity emergency will only be solved if everyone is involved. It’s an all win, or no-win situation. Koru’s strengths lie in finding innovative ways to engage the public and KlimateKonnect™ is such a way. KlimateKonnect™ is a participatory internet-based service which our partnership with ASP will strengthen, offering our customers greater opportunities to address the crises they face with the practical help of ASP’s members and their other alliances”.

Gwyn Jones, Director of ASP: KlimateKonnect is becoming a valuable source of information, ideas and solutions to help people and organisations move from unsustainable to sustainable practices.  ASP will be a regular contributor.


About Koru and KlimateKonnect™

Koru is a public engagement company whose emphasis is the climate and biodiversity emergencies. KlimateKonnect was born out of frustration. Its creator, Steve Rowe was researching this enormous subject but could find no single place where a climate worker or individual could go to find information or solutions relevant to them.  What he could find, and continues to do so, is siloed sector-based thinking and information, little cross sector exchange of information, wheel reinvention, few practical solutions and enormous amounts of doom and gloom.

Steve developed KlimateKonnect to address these issues and to identify solutions and useful educational insights. It embraces everyone. Government ministers, chief executives of major companies and the ordinary person in the street share the same problems. KlimateKonnect™ needs people to participate to deliver the massive potential it has to support the drive to net zero. The service is provided free to anyone and will continue to expand with the active support of ASP, its members and partners and practitioners across the UK and beyond. 

Contact Steve Rowe, +44 (0)7903 121916


Welcome to KlimateKonnect

KlimateKonnect is the UK’s only sector neutral and all sector spanning source of practical and educational climate emergency information. Your go to place for climate learning and practical ideas to kick start or sustain your net zero journey.

KlimateKonnect™ has been designed to allow everyone, irrespective of what their job is, to access practical material that will help them on their journey to Net Zero. It provides facilities for individuals, local communities and clubs, charities, businesses and governmental bodies. While much of the content has been curated by Koru Consulting, it is intended to be a platform where relevant information can be added by anyone. This will facilitate the rapid transfer of knowledge and experience which will support the service’s objectives, which are to:

  • Engender innovation, networking and collaboration
  • Maximise the benefits from their climate emergency investments, and to
  • Accelerate progress to Net Zero

It is the progressive achievement of these objectives and the contribution they make to the achievement of selected UN goals that will deliver the value of KlimateKonnectTM.

Climate is just one of the major issues the world is facing. Others are poverty, hunger and inequality. To tackle these the UN and its members have developed seventeen sustainable development goals. There are two specifically for climate change, but others that can be attributed to climate action.

KlimateKonnect™ is developed, funded and brought to you by Koru Consulting Ltd. It is absolutely free to use.  We are actively seeking sponsors and supporters so that we can maintain, and hopefully expand the service.  If you feel you are able to support Klimate Konnect please read how you can here.

Welcome to KlimateKonnect


KlimateKonnect News

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