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Collaborative learning across generations

ASP exists to connect, challenge and support sustainability practitioners as we learn together how to move from unsustainable to sustainable practices.

We are a diverse, international community of practitioners: artists, consultants, business owners, academics, journalists, authors, coaches and facilitators of all ages from elders to young people.

The “challenge” could come from an awareness and ability to “sense” and embrace the challenge between the head and the heart, or between the status quo and what we dream of, or from being brave and welcoming the challenging of our views and assumptions. The three together — connect, challenge and support — offer many possibilities for growth, change and transformation; of us as individuals, as a collective and of the world around us.

We create learning events and other opportunities for people to meet face-to-face and online. ASP Members and Associates collaborate on projects, proposals and as an informal support network generating ideas and guidance.

It is important that this learning happens in an inter-generational context to ensure the hard-earned experience and wisdom amassed as we live our lives and pursue our careers is available to the younger generations in a way and at a time that is in service of them. Their own concerns, opinions and priorities shape this process so they can make wiser choices about their future and the futures of those that follow.


Gen Z and Students’ voice

The role of the elders is then to step back and, when invited to, support the younger generations.

“The work of an elder is determined by what ails and prevails young people at a given time.”

Consequently, ASP is reaching out to Gen Z and all Students, inviting them to join our community with a reduced introductory annual membership fee of £15.  You will have all the benefits of full Membership. Students will enjoy this reduced fee throughout their studies.

Associates and Members

We offer two different relationships for sustainability practitioners: 

Association: for practitioners who want to connect to others and share, learn and develop sustainable practices. Associates can connect to others via our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn groups and will receive our newsletter. Associates are invited to all our events and AGMs.

Membership: Members have a deeper and more inter-active relationship with ASP and other Members and Associates. In addition to the Associate benefits, Members contribute to and influence our evolution, take part in ASP Projects, participate in our events and AGMs, where they can vote and stand for election as a Director. As a new Member you will be invited to our introductory on-line meetings with other Members and ASP Directors.

ASP Members welcome you with introductory offers

ASP is a community, rather than a network. The difference? Communities are based on relationships not transactions, and the members “nurture” each other. 

Of course all our members have a professional practice and ASP seeks to support and promote this wherever possibe. Below are offers from members that create benefits for members.  Each offer clarifies how you can apply.

Of course the first step is to join our community to be eligble.  Simply JOIN by completing the form at the bottom of this page and then claim your offer…


How your money is spent

ASP’s mission is to help shift behaviour from unsustainable to sustainable practices.

We model our association on nature and this practical shift is the fruit we produce when we have a good growing season and strong roots embedded in the community.

Money is a crucial nutrient — we don’t need much, but for a bountiful harvest we DO need some. The whole concept of ASP rests on the idea that our collective potential creates far bigger differences when we’re well connected. Connecting requires web services, company admin, social media, a bit of facilitation and some development support.

All our income is directed at creating benefit for our Members and fulfilling our purpose. Our team are all volunteers and ASP is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation.

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