With over 15 years’ experience in the fresh produce industry, supplying directly into all types of catering outlets and working closely with farmers all over the UK, Jess witnessed the colossal amount of produce being cast aside for the sake of aesthetics and over-production. With a drive to help stop this ever-growing problem, Waste Knot was born. On a mission to save perfectly edible fresh produce from going to waste, Jess makes the connection between those growing perfectly edible fruit and veg and those who can put it to good use.

Due to Jess’ connections on both sides of the coin, she is about to launch Leading Wild; a pioneering initiative aiming to challenge the norm, question the protocol, disrupt and deviate, in order to help recalibrate us and the world in which we live. By bringing together communities which rarely collide, and by uniting regenerative forms of leadership and agriculture, we are enabling collaboration which will provide more purposeful living by doing what we can to bring our natural world back to strength through shared motivation and drive.

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