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I AM IMPACT – December 7th. 19:00-20:30 (UK)

Young people all over the world are crying out for people, organisations and governments to take ACTION, to make an IMPACT.

They are not going to stand by while we sleepwalk into their future. We need to learn how to act, what to do. And we need to understand how to communicate the need to act to those in powerful places.

ASP is exploring how we can engage and embrace both artists, and the artist in each of us, to both sense what is happening around us and to respond, with IMPACT, with URGENCY.

Discover I AM IMPACT

Hannah and Elise have been working with Khandiz Joni, a Creative Sustainableist, to understsand how she has developed a consulting and communication approach – “I AM IMPACT“, that draws upon her wide ranging talents as both an artist and a consultant.

As a consultant Khandiz’ unique range of services cover a broad spectrum from low-carbon web design to operational and strategic sustainablity projects, in all areas of an organistion’s activities. But it all starts in the Board room, creating epiphanies that drive the change.

We now invite you to join us to hear Khandiz’ story and get an insight into her creative approach to communicating, and enabling people in business to understand and commit deeply to action: “I AM IMPACT

About Khandiz 

Khandiz is an independent sustainability consultant and multidisciplinary artist but calls herself a Creative Sustainableist. She holds a certificate from Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership, a Diploma SBP qualification from IEMA and is a certified Chartered Environmentalist. 

Passionate about storytelling, creative thinking, and systems change, culminating in her entrepreneurial spirit and advocacy for an improved understanding of sustainability. Khandiz has worked in the film, media, and creative sectors for 20 years as a hair and makeup artist specialising in Green Beauty. She’s run an award-winning creative agency for eco-ethical fashion and beauty brands, published an online beauty platform that celebrated green, natural and sustainable beauty and guest-written for various publications, including WGSN. Khandiz is an assessor for Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership’s (CISL) Communicating for Influence & Impact, an associate lecturer at the London College of Fashion and a regular panellist and guest speaker. 

Her most recent project, The I AM IMPACT Project, looks at humanity’s relationship with the Earth’s tipping points. She uses art (body painting) and photography to start conversations that encourage personal agency in response to the most significant challenges we – humans – collectively face. 

About the I AM IMPACT Analogy 

Frustrated and concerned with society and businesses’ lack of understanding of the interconnected components of “sustainability”, Khandiz has reframed established models into a language that anyone from 5 to 85 can understand. Her hope is that this system analogy will give sustainability practitioners, business leaders and global citizens alike a useful tool to explain the complexities of sustainability so that we can collectively start the conversation – in the same ‘language’ about what humanity needs only to do, but to understand, so we have can make the systemic change required to build strong, resilient, and healthy individuals and organisations.

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