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“Humanity Has Not Yet Failed”: Another project from Jared P Scott

In this refreshing and fun animated-short, climate activist Greta Thunberg juxtaposes the absurdity of political inaction with the straightforward high-stakes of the climate emergency.

Playful and poignant, the film pits a ludicrous status quo against the clear-eyed activism necessary to shift the balance of power and create a sustainable, just and equitable world.

Artful and inspiring, MOVEMENT MAKERS: STORIES OF RESISTANCE  is an animated series spotlighting extraordinary activists fighting David-vs-Goliath battles for a just, equitable and habitable planet.

Each season will consist of a ~dozen shorts in an anthology format — meaning, all episodes can be enjoyed as stand-alone films and explore unique animation styles — with Greta Thunberg’s HUMANITY HAS NOT YET FAILED  serving as the series pilot.

In addition to well-known activists, the series will feature unsung heroes from the frontline to the fenceline, the redline to the waterline — the most affected peoples and areas (MAPA) leading movements where it matters most, but often underrepresented in the media.

Unlike traditional live-action, animation provides a refreshing visual palette to capture an audience’s imagination w/o the same-old activist and disaster imagery. Embracing a variety of artistic approaches and artists is a key point of difference.

The series is committed to collaborating with creators of all races, ethnicity, color, gender / non-binary, orientation, creed, ability difference, and from a diverse set of backgrounds.

JARED P. SCOTT is an Emmy®-nominated director and New York Times® bestseller. Films include Requiem for the American Dream (Netflix), The Age of Consequences (Starz, PBS) and The Great Green Wall (in theaters worldwide) — EP’d by Oscar®-nominee Fernando Meirelles (City of God, The Two Popes).

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