My work as a coach speaks to my deep belief in human potential. I am constantly surprised by the amazing people I meet as a coach and facilitator and I know that we are all equipped to respond to our challenges creatively.

The three big strands that have run through my life have been art, sustainability and people. For the longest time these threads seemed disparate, unconnected, compartmentalised and I wasn’t sure what I really ‘was’.

It was when I studied for my MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility (2014-16) that I at last began to understand the deep importance of creativity – at individual level and at organisational level  – as a practical measure to help us imagine – and create – the future we want, while staying light and inspired along the way.

I also began to understand that in order to heal our world we need to heal ourselves, and that the challenges facing us today, personally and collectively, are an indicator that we are more than ready to take those steps. Studying coaching and Processwork opened new doors to work dynamically and therapeutically with the practices I love the best, to deepen my exploration of myself and to extend these practices to others.

Bingo! My three strands started to weave into a tapestry.

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