‘Refugee Entrepreneurship and Covid-19’

Bournemouth University Social Entrepreneurs Forum welcomes you to our second year of celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020!

We are proud to present ‘Refugee Entrepreneurship and Covid-19’. At this extraordinary event, we will be joined by refugee support organisations from Brazil, Uganda, the UK and Spain and refugee entrepreneurs to discuss the impacts of the pandemic on this group.

The pandemic has laid bare the conditions of people from displaced communities who seek legitimacy in their host country through entrepreneurship. Somehow, in all the policy discussions, globally, this group of people are not being focused on. This event will showcase the wonderful work the organisations are doing and highlight the human stories from the entrepreneurs themselves.

Join us by registering at the link and we will send you the Zoom invite.


For further information on this event please contact Dr Sukanya Ayatakshi-Endow at [email protected]


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