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Giles Metcalfe

Hey there. I’m Giles Metcalfe, and my business is called Giles Metcalfe Digital. I’m an ethical freelance digital marketer, and Giles Metcalfe Digital has been in business since 2014.

I help you sell your products and services to people using ethical marketing techniques and with sustainability very much in mind.

My approach to digital marketing advocates putting the person before the sale, and people and the planet before profit. I practice those principles myself, and I only want to work with individuals and businesses who do the same. However, I still have a bullish approach to ROI and ROAS as part of my commitment to the 3Ps of sustainability or ‘triple bottom line’.

I also offer website sustainability services for ethical businesses with purpose. I’m an FSB Member and Good Business Charter accredited too. As well as my digital marketing services, I also work with individuals, businesses and organisations to reduce carbon emissions one website at a time!

If you want to take action to improve sustainability and your eco credentials at your business, you can’t ignore your website.

The carbon footprint of a website has been “a thing” since around 2018. We’re now in 2023 and it’s still not that well-known. I’m trying to change that with every webinar I host, workshop I deliver, and virtual networking session that I do.

Reducing the carbon emissions associated with a website boils down to minimising the electricity used to load, send, and view a web page, ensuring that electricity is from clean renewable energy sources.

I’ve taken positive steps to make my website more sustainable and faster to load and ensured it’s green-hosted. And you can too by taking some simple steps to make your website both leaner and greener.

I’m offering website sustainability audits as a service to businesses and individuals who want to optimise their website, reduce its carbon footprint and make it leaner and greener, either as part of a wider Net Zero strategy or to simply improve their eco credentials.

I collaborate with partners in the sustainability and web design and development fields to raise awareness of digital minimalism and website carbon footprint, giving presentations and workshops on how to reduce e waste, implement good email hygiene, and the principles and best practice of low carbon websites.

As well as being a member of the ASP, I’m Good Business Charter (GBC) accredited, and I’m a fervent supporter of the organisation and their great work in the field of ethical business practices. I’ve taken the Ethical Move Ethical Marketing Pledge, and I also subscribe to the Carbon Trap as a Champion Trapper (although I believe that it’s better to reduce carbon or not emit it in the first place than to offset it).

Outside of my day job, I like to browse junk shops, charity shops and car boot sales for vintage and collectable treasures, along with my partner, Samantha. Connect with me on LinkedIn at

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