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Generosity of Surplus

Does sustainability depend on humans behaving not conventionally but spiritually, as spiritually as fungi?

the entire food chain operates through a generosity of surplus.

ASP is a community, NOT a network. Communities thrive on relationships, rather than transactions; on the members nurturing each other. And giving. When we all give, we can all receive. Sharing the abundance, or sharing the surplus, as Ranjan illustrates below, is key and is simply modelling the way nature works. [Ed.]

Evolution happens along the trajectory where we increase the frequencies we can match.  Traditionally this is what was referred to as ‘spiritual growth’, being the path of authentic spirituality. It is what fulfils the purpose in life of each one of us.  It is this purpose that gives meaning to our life.  While the controllapaths running so-called religious organisations would have us belief that achieving such spiritual growth’ takes ‘sacrifice’ (donating to their organisation!) the evidence suggest that what it actually takes is learning a generosity of surplus – from Mother Nature.

Generosity of Surplus – the Way of Authentic Spirituality.

Biologists are not only changing our story of origins, they are also changing our story of identity.  Listen to the mycologist Paul Stamets:

I believe that evolution is not based on survival of the fittest but on the extension of generosity of surplus… Fungi bring in other members in the ecological community and the surplus of their needs is then food nutrients for the other members of the community … Micro-diversity determines bio-diversity…  and bio-diversity is bio-security.[1]

[1] Paul Stamets, mycologist,  talking to Josh Rushing on Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ on “Can mushrooms heal the planet”  

The evidence suggests that Nature, Mother Nature, God, whatever term you are comfortable with for the energy of the universe, is not a controllapath.  Signally unlike our religious organisations, She/He does not seek to suck out your life blood as the price of getting to heaven, but rather would have you learn to give others generously of your surplus!  Stop and think about that.  Think about what it means that Nature operates like that.  That the entire food chain operates through a generosity of surplus.

We have to learn how to offer authentic help to others.  Learn from divine Mother Nature by learning how it operates in nature, at the basic level of the biosphere.  Here is what the mycologist has to say on this subject.  Mycologists are the people who study fungi.  They have determined that if fungi stopped being generous with their surplus the entire food chain would collapse and life on this planet would come to an end. 

Interesting, isn’t it?  Life on this planet depends on fungi being true to the technology of their biology.  Stop and think about that: to be spiritual is to be generous with one’s surplus.  That is the meaning of Jesus’s teaching that we have to love our neighbour as our self.  It seems mushrooms are more obedient to Jesus than we humans are.  Probably because the controllapaths running religious organisations have persuaded us that being spiritual is done at the expense of ourselves.  That gives them the means to take control of our lives.  What these controllapaths do is deploy a Puritan delusion of renouncing the world and denying the flesh.  This is how they have contrived to take control of our access to pleasure.  Controllapaths know that taking control of people’s access to pleasure (with the promise that this is the only way to get to heaven) is the surest way to control all of them.

We have to learn that being spiritual is not doing things for other people.

That merely creates dependency.

On the contrary, being spiritual is allowing the chalice of your heart to overflow with light, love and life the divine pours through us when you go quiet and receptive (as in meditation) into the hearts of all we come in contact with each day, that they may have the energy to learn to do the same themselves.  That is how they learn to be independent. 

You cannot grow spiritually until you have learnt to be independent.  So if you truly wish to help, rather than merely feeling good about what you did for someone else, here is what you need to learn to be generous with:

… the word ‘sacrifice’ derives from ‘to sanctify’, which means to make more sacred, more holy.  This meaning has been perverted by controllapaths into meaning “to give up”.   Question is, does sustainability depend on humans behaving not conventionally but spiritually, as spiritually as fungi?  Can we rise to such spiritual heights?

Photo by Siglinde Luise

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