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“Faces of Climate Change”: Brent, 18th August + Dinner

Juliana Lax ASP Director.
Founder givingbackfilms

Come chat about how storytelling, photographs, videos and local communities can help shape the narrative about climate change.

I will be there together with the incredible Nishita Karad, ACA and the heavy weights of ASP Gwyn Jones Robert Barnard-Weston and Alan Raw to discuss community efforts and introduce Faces of Climate Change CIC

Brent Council with a team lead by Nadia Khan MA, Dip CIPR is the first local authority to recognise the power of storytelling and the strength of its community on the journey to fight climate change consequences and help people engage with positive inspiring initiatives.

The photography competition that has my heart ♥️ is not only happening internationally but also in local areas because climate change is everywhere.

Please check the link below for the event day (it’s all free).

(And, or, Come along after 16:00 for coffee and a meal together with the ASP team. Contact Gwyn for details.)

The event:

Brent Council in partnership with Giving Back Films and Faces of Climate Change invite you to a photography and sustainability workshop. This FREE workshop will help you to see the world through your camera and learn how to capture stories of sustainability.

Part 1 – Faces of Climate Change storytelling with pictures and sustainability challenges

Part 2 – Phone photography/filming

If you own a smartphone, then you own a camera, and if you own a camera, you have the tools to create stunning images and video content.

If you can create content, you can help tell stories.

Telling stories gives you a powerful tool to communicate and create change.

We are helping more people to understand the need for urgent climate action one story at time. Join us to learn how to use your camera and become a climate action storyteller.

We will give you the skills to utilise your smartphone camera better, and show you how to release its full, photographic potential, you will be guaranteed to come away with knowing how your camera works better as well as some tips and tricks to get those creative shots and enter Faces Of Climate Change Brent photography competition.

Learn more about the project Faces of Climate Change here:

Places are limited to please book to avoid disappointment.


See you there!


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