7th November 12:30-13:30: Greening Your Website – your website’s carbon footprint and the case for lessening its impact

Giles, from Giles Metcalfe Digital, is an Ethical Digital Marketer & Website Sustainability Consultant, helping to reduce carbon emissions one website at a time. Giles will be discussing [...]


8th November 18:30-19:30: How we can work to imagine, and create, a new future? Isabelle Drury

An exploration of how we can work to imagine, and create, a new future… Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR Isabelle Drury, writer and dreamer, explores the pressures younger people are placed under to [...]


9th November 18:30-19:30: Philosophy and Ecological Action – A Musical Lecture, Nathan Dufour

What does Philosophy have to do with ecological crisis, and our ability to confront it? The fundamental thesis of this presentation is that how we think about Nature affects how we interact with [...]

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