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Event Recording & Resources: Reclaiming the Role of Marketing, Media, and Creative to Drive Change. July 2023

Reclaiming the Role of Marketing, Media, and Creative to Drive Change

Join Dr Victoria Hurth and Jonathan Wise Convenors of the Sustainable Marketing, Media & Creative course at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), as they discuss the evolution of marketing and creative industries, their current role, and the urgent transformation required to influence and drive sustainable change.


Victoria, an Independent Pracademic and Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, has 25 years’ experience in marketing, management, and sustainability, having previously worked for 3M, Accenture, and with companies including Marks and Spencer and Cancer Research. Victoria works at the intersection of academia and business to utilise marketing as a driving force toward a sustainable future.

A former Associate Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business, Victoria was a technical author for the first national standard specifying the Worldviews, Principles and Behaviours of Purpose-Driven Organisations (PAS 808) and co-led the first ISO standard in Governance of Organisations (ISO 37000).

Jonathan is a strategic planner, with 15 years’ experience in major London advertising agencies and a Masters degree in Sustainability & Responsibility.  After co-founding Purpose Disruptors in 2020, Jonathan co-authored the landmark Advertised Emissions framework launched at COP26 in Glasgow. The framework has since been adopted by the UN’s Race To Zero campaign.  Alongside Purpose Disruptors, Jonathan is also a tutor on the Sustainable Marketing, Media and Creative course at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Hosted by Martin Roach, ASP Director and Founder, Design and Innovation Director Brands with Values


PAS 808:2022 Purpose-driven organizations. Worldviews, principles and behaviours for delivering sustainability. Guide

ISO/TC 309 Governance of organizations

Characterising marketing paradigms for sustainable marketing management

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