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ethy – Sustainable shopping made easy


ethy’s purpose is to make ethical shopping & selling easy to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. 

Sustainable shopping made easy

ethy is a free app that helps you shop with accredited ethical businesses online and locally and provides insights on your spending to keep you informed on important environmental & social issues.

Amplify the positive impact of your business

ethy provides an independent accreditation to businesses that are making considerable efforts towards ethical, sustainable or socially responsible business practices. ethy also serves as a marketing and sales platform to easily reach and engage with your target audience. Increase your brand awareness, get recognised for your sustainability efforts, and generate web traffic or store footfall.

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ethy creates a holistic shopping & selling platform and accreditation solution derived from the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It allows consumers to discover businesses that match with their values. 

We believe it’s time for transparency and empowering consumers. On ethy app shoppers will be able to see ethical insights on the businesses they spend with. Recognise and avoid unethical businesses & greenwashing and swap to accredited sustainable alternatives with ease. 

All businesses that feature on ethy have passed our independent accreditation framework to ensure that they are contributing towards one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses are required to provide supporting information indicating why they are eligible for each ethyBadge they wish to apply for.

Our application process is thorough, and we communicate directly with each individual business to verify which ethyBadges should be attributed to them. We also enable businesses to request accreditation for ethyBadges on an ongoing basis, as a way to encourage continued progress towards more sustainable and ethical practices.

ethy’s accreditation credentials

Facts about ethy: 

  • ethy uses secure Financial Conduct Authority regulated Open Banking technology.
  • ethy donates 1% of revenue to Stripe Climate  to help tackle climate change.
  • ethy is currently available in the UK only.

Meet the team 

The ethy team was brought together during a global pandemic with the goal of helping to build a greener and cleaner future.

Callum Miller: CEO & Co-Founder

I began ethy knowing that innovative technology has the potential to solve the world’s biggest problems. Where we choose to spend our money has a tangible impact on the environment and society. By bringing ethical consumerism into the mainstream we can harness our collective power and shape a better future for us all.

Jack Gardner: CTO & Co-Founder

As a developer, I like solving problems. Currently there is no bigger problem than the climate crisis, and we know that if everybody can contribute a little then over time it will add up to a lot! So the question is, how can we help you contribute in the easiest way possible? By enabling you to see how your spending aligns with ethical practices derived from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, I hope that it will be easier for you to support businesses who care about the same things you do.

Kaisa Kangro: Marketing & Sustainability 

I desire to see sustainability becoming the normal and believe people are ready for it. The New World we have entered, where climate is changing dramatically due to human impact and biodiversity declining and with severe impact on people everywhere, we need more rapid action & leadership. 

Making, selling & buying things accounts for more than a third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. We must ensure that ethical businesses and innovative products succeed and the unsustainable gets replaced, re-designed, re-purposed. As a marketing professional, I have seen first hand the immense power of consumer demand and the speed of its impact. Therefore, we all have the key to change in our hands, and ethy provides a doorway into that new reality: a new level of transparency empowering consumers to shop sustainably and ethical businesses to stand out.

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