Nothing is impossible and to achieve anything in addressing the climate crisis, collaboration is the key.

I am extremely honoured to have received the Collaboration Award, at the Big Sustainability Awards 2022 held on the 22nd, at St. Mary’s Football Stadium, Southampton on behalf of Eco-Friendly Web Alliance.

I am certain that SSE Energy Solutions and Southampton Football Club were as capable of winning this award, if not more. Great to have been in such esteemed company.

After all Sustainability, I have come to realise, is a journey not a destination. Our journey began from the sustainable innovation tech ecosystem — a think tank — set up about 4 years ago, with many challenges, and obstacles, and meeting some amazing people and organisations along the way, culminating in the movement and alliance that is Eco-Friendly Web Alliance.

We are earnestly grateful for the support of many, we won this together, and this is for you. A collective effort, a true story of the power of collaboration. #strategicdoing

I sincerely thank each one of you for helping us to a stage where I can proudly hold up this award for the alliance as a mark of our achievement.

Thank you and this is for you.

Shane Herath


Shane offers all ASP Members a free audit of their website to establish it’s carbon-footprint as the first step to becoming an Eco-Friendly website.

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